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Up-Coming Training & Workshops

Next Events:

December 14, 2019  (Sat)  ジョリーフォニックス・ファーストステップ


December 15, 2019 (Sun)  ジョリーフォニックス・セカンドステップ



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On-Site Training for Schools

For schools and educational organizations that want training for their entire staff, we offer onsite training where an accredited Jolly Phonics Professional Trainer will come to your school or educational institution to teach your staff the fundamentals of Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar. Training will cover the 5 skills of Jolly Phonics, give practical activity ideas for the classroom and the training can be tailored to show teachers how Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar can be built into your schools existing curriculum.

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Jolly Study Square Accredited School Program

Starting with training for your entire school, becoming a Jolly Study Square accredited school will enter your school into a relationship with Jolly Study Square based around support, development, and monitoring. Becoming a Jolly Study Square (JSS) Accredited School reassures students, their parents, employees and other education authorities that the accredited institution is fit for the purpose of providing high quality synthetic phonics lessons, grammar lessons, general English lessons and other related services.  Learn more about how this program can benefit your students, your teachers and your school. 


Private Training

We offer private training for parents and teachers who wish to teach their kids and students Jolly Phonics or Jolly Grammar. Training is tailored to your needs and will cover the fundamentals of teaching Jolly Phonics and/or Jolly Grammar. We can make recommendations for what materials are best for your teaching situation and how to use those materials effectively.

tax excl.¥5,000/hour 

tax incl. ¥5,400 / hour

Register For Training

Please tell us your full name, your email, which training/workshop you'd like to attend, and dates and times you'd be interested in training.

Our Accredited Trainers

Our professional Jolly Phonics & Grammar trainers are all experienced English teachers that use Jolly Phonics & Grammar on a daily basis. They have been teaching Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar for over 15 years with great results and are excited to share their experiences with other teachers, parents and students around Japan. All trainers are accredited Professional Trainers with Jolly Learning, UK.

Our Trainers

Alex Conley

Alex Conley

Alex Conley is from California, USA and has been teaching English and consulting for kindergartens and language schools in Japan since May 2011. He is the co-founder of Jolly Study Square and teaches English at I's English School in Tokyo, Japan. He has been using Jolly Phonics and Grammar on a daily basis for the last eight years because the fun and multi-sensory approach is the most efficient and effective way of teaching students to read, write and spell. He hopes to share his experiences and knowledge with students, parents and other teachers throughout Japan.

Atsuko Maruyama


Atsuko Maruyama has been teaching English in Japan since founding her English school, I’s English School, in Tokyo in 2007. She teaches English to students 2 years old and up, and uses Jolly Phonics, Jolly Grammar and Jolly Music on a daily basis in her lessons with excellent results. Atsuko also teaches English to children with dyslexia and other developmental and learning difficulties, and has found that the synthetic phonic approach that Jolly Phonics is based on is exactly the type of support her students need. Additionally, she co-founded Jolly Study Square, an official distributor of Jolly Learning materials, in 2015 and has experience trying all the materials in the Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar lines. Through her many years of teaching experience, she can show you how to bring Jolly Phonics to life with children of all ages and abilities.

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