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A complete resource for teaching music skills in a fun and effective way.



The Music Handbook - Beginners (with CD)/ミュージックハンドブックービギナー(CD付)

  • The Music Handbook has been developed so that any teacher can teach music to children, even those without any musical experience.

    • 30 clear, structured and sequenced lesson plans
    • Photocopiable child assessment record
    • Resources section with songs, rhymes, actions and games
    • Puppet templates
    • The Handbook has 144 pages and includes six CDs with all teaching and song tracks
    • Suitable for beginners aged 4-7 years

    To listen to sample tracks from Jolly Music, simply click on the track of your choice. The CDs provided with Jolly Music contain teaching tracks, that are intended for children to imitate, rather than sing along with, and they are therefore sung simply and without accompaniment in order to provide the best model for the children.

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