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For use after the Grammar 5 Handbook. Photocopiable resource for the consolidation and introduction of further grammar, spelling and punctuation elements.



The Grammar 6 Handbook (in print )/グラマーハンドブック6 (in print)

  • The Grammar 6 Handbook follows on from the Grammar 5 Handbook and provides a full programme for teaching grammar, spelling and punctuation to children aged 9-10.


    The Grammar Handbooks contain 36 spelling and 36 grammar and punctuation lessons for the full year of teaching. The lessons continue to build upon the knowledge and skills the children have been taught in previous years. Each lesson has a photocopiable worksheet, along with additional resources for extension activities and revision.


    Topics covered within the Grammar 6 Handbook include: revision of topics taught in earlier years; spelling strategies and patterns for complex words; more suffixes, prefixes and perfect tenses; adverbs, part participles regular and irregular; preposition phrases; transitive and intransitive verbs; phrasal verbs; adjectives (order); sentence boxes to help children understand sentence structure; punctuation including colons, bullet points and brackets.

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