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With 20 fun games to explore, children will be able to practice and revise their phonic skills. Ideal for use in the home or school. Suitable for use on PC or Mac.


インキーマウスと彼女のお友達の世界を楽しましょう。子ど もたちの読み書きを手助けしてくれますよ。20個の楽しいアクテ ィビティーを通じて、子どもたちはジョリーフォニックスの5つの 技能を実際に習得していきます。ゲームは3段階の難易度に分 かれていますので、読む学習の初期のどのレベルのお子さまにとって最適な教材です。 子供達が楽しみながら学んでいくツールとして最適です。

Jolly Phonics Game (single user) ジョリーフォニックスゲーム(単1使用)

  • Enter the interactive world of Inky Mouse and her friends as they practise all of the five skills in Jolly Phonics. With 20 fun activities to explore, children will be able to practise and revise their own knowledge.


    Key Features Of The Software

    • Suitable for use on PC or Mac
    • Ideal for children to use on their own with minimum or no supervision from an adult
    • Games are available in different levels
    • A choice of print or precursive letter options during installation
    • Clear instructions guide the child through the activities
    • Ideal for use with children aged 3 years and above


    System Requirements:

    PC: Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10. 633 MHz (or higher) CPU. 600 MB free hard-disk space. 4x CD-ROM drive.

    Mac®: OS X® 10.5 – 10.12 PowerPC® G5 or Intel® processor. 350 MB free hard-disk space. 8x CD-ROM drive.

    A minimum 256 MB RAM is required on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

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