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A two poster pack with alternative vowel spellings on one and alphabet letters on the other.


同音でありながら綴りが異なる母音(同音異綴り)を集めたポスターとアルファベットのポスターの2枚セット。 同音異綴りポスターはお教室・お部屋に貼っておくことで子供達の学びの大きな手助けになります。アルファベットポスターは大文字小文字を学ぶのはもちろんのこと、文字が色別になっているためJolly Dictionary を使用する際に非常に便利です。

Jolly Phonics Alternative & Alphabet Posters (US / in print letters)

  • A pack of two colorful single posters.

    The Alternative Spelling Poster shows the different spellings of nine of the vowels with sample words and illustrations. For ai, for example, it also shows ay as in day, and a-e as in snake.


    The Alphabet Poster shows the 26 letters in alphabetical order. It shows each letter with arrows to indicate correct formation. The letters are arranged in four color groups, which correspond to the Jolly Dictionary. This is ideal for teaching children the skills needed for looking up words.

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