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Synthetic Phonics

1-Day Intensive Training

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Contents of the Workshop:

- The historical teaching methods of reading and writing

- What is systematic phonics/Jolly Phonics?

- The basic 42 sounds and the Jolly Phonics gestures

- The relationship between letters and sounds. 

- The 5 basic skills of Jolly Phonics

- How to teach a Jolly Phonics lesson

- Activity ideas for teachers and parents

- Transitioning to reading books and Jolly Grammar


About The Trainer:

Alex Conley is a professional Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar trainer accredited by Jolly Learning, UK.  He has been teaching Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar in Japan since May 2011 with excellent results. After starting an English School in Tokyo, he began to focus on consulting and teacher training. He has been consulting for schools and training teachers over the last five years. He continues to use Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar on a daily basis and hopes to share his experiences with teachers and schools around Japan.

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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Participants at the workshop will receive a Certificate of Attendance from Jolly Learning, U.K. and Jolly Study Square. 

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Certificate of Attendance 

In this training workshop, participants will get an in depth look at the best way to teach literacy systematically using a synthetic phonics approach. Participants will learn about the 5 skills that students must master in order to begin reading; they’ll learn songs and gestures that support learning the letter sounds while engaging students; gain an understanding of what synthetic phonics is and how it compares to other methods of teaching reading and writing; and share practical activity ideas for in the classroom and at home.


We will also look at the transition into readers and how to build on the basic phonics that students learn in their first year, as well as when and how to introduce learning proper punctuation, grammar and spelling rules. Lastly, participants will also practice demonstration lessons and give feedback to peers to make sure that all everyone is ready to use what they learn in this workshop to their students the following day!

16,500 + tax
(lunch 1:00-2:00)
 Jolly Study Square
Tokyo, Ota-ku, Nakarokugo 1-9-15

Venue & Access

This training will be held in the Jolly Phonics Headquarters in Ota-ku, Tokyo near Zoshiki and Kamata Stations. 

Google Maps Link

Follow this google maps link for easy access to Jolly Study Square.

Access from Zoshiki Station

(10 minutes on foot)

Exit out the north exit of Zoshiki Station and walk north. Follow the train line on the road to the left past Saizeria. Continue straight about 350 meters until you come to an intersection with a large net at the back of Nakarokugou Elementary School, and turn left. Walk straight. You will pass 7-11 and two blocks later turn right. Walk 40 meters and Jolly Study Square is on the right. 


Access from Kamata Station

(15-20 minutes on foot)


Exit out the east exit of Kamata Station, go down the escalator and turn right.  Keep left to walk around to the main road and continue straight about 300 meters until you come to a pedestria bridge. Cross over the pedestrian bridge the the far side of the bridge, or continue past to cross the street, then turn left. Walk 100 meters and turn right at the post office. Walk 650 meters and turn right at the 7-11. Walk two blocks later turn right again. Walk 40 meters and Jolly Study Square is on the right. 


Sign-Up and/or Contact Us

To sign up for this workshop, or to contact us with any questions, please submit the form below. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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