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Jolly Study Square Certified Schools

Welcome to Jolly Study Square Certified Schools

We are an independent quality assurance body specializing in the institutional accreditation of education providers in Japan. Our specific area of expertise is with the Jolly Phonics, Jolly Grammar, Jolly English and Jolly Music programs. Not that Jolly Learning, the parent company of these programs does not offer accreditation for institutions. The educational requirements and accreditation given through this service are not a reflection of Jolly Learning, and are solely provided by Jolly Study Square. 

In our accreditation, we examine an institution based on 4 key quality standards that shows schools and all their staff meed our benchmarks for delivering literacy success. 

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How JSS Accreditation can benefit your institution:

Become A Certified School

The English education market in Japan continues to grow each year, but with the number of education providers growing too, the competition is fierce and the quality of your educational offering will determine how you perform in a tough market. 

Accreditation by JSS will boost the profile of your instituion and demonstrate its commitment to being a quality education provider. Being a JSS Certified School will reassure students, parents and educators that your institution offers high quality synthetic phonics training for your pupils, and that students will recieve the best opportunity to learn and grow with you. 

What does it mean to be a JSS Certified School

Gaining JSS Accreditation is not a one time award. It is the start of a productive partnership between JSS and all the agents of your institution. We are dedicated to training teachers, parents, and school administrators about how to achieve the best results in the teaching of systematic synthetic phonics and seek to continue to offer support with JSS Certified Schools over the long term. Our accreditation comes with a range of benefits and continuous support throughout. 

Once an institution has become accredited we are also able to work with them to develop and improve their curriculum, as well as offer quality enhancement and consultancy services. 

Our goals are:

  • to train teachers, parents, and school administrators how to best teach literacy using a synthetic phonics method

  • to defend the reputation of the Jolly Phonics program and to support schools that choose to implement it in their curriculum

  • to ensure that all staff and institutions teach the Jolly Phonics method as intended, thus gaining the best results with their pupils

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