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Part 1: Jolly Phonics Intensive Training

Saturday, November 16, 2019 10:00AM - 5:00PM

¥15,000/person + tax

In day 1 of this two day workshop, we take an in depth look at the best way to teach synthetic phonics systematically with the Jolly Phonics curriculum. We will cover: 
- the 5 skills that students must master in order to begin reading
- the stories and gestures that support learning the letter sounds 
- what synthetic phonics is and how it compares to other methods of teaching reading and writing 
- share practical activity ideas for in the classroom and at home
Participants will also practice demonstration lessons where they will act as teachers in groups of 2-3, practice model Jolly Phonics lessons and give feedback to each other. The accredited Jolly Phonics trainer will also give feedback to participants about what they are doing well in the lessons, and what they should change to make Jolly Phonics more effective in their teaching to make sure that everyone is ready to use what they learn in this workshop with their students the following week!

Note that Parts 2 and 3 of this training will be held on Sunday, November 17, 2019

Part 2: Jolly Phonics 2-Day Intensive Training

Sunday, November 17, 2019 10:00am-1:00pm

¥7,500/person + tax

This training will follow up from Part 1 and look in depth at teaching alternate spellings of sounds and how to continue to prepare students for moving into Jolly Grammar. This will cover the 94 lessons that should follow after learning the first 42 sounds spellings taught in Jolly Phonics (Student Books 2 & 3), and show how to structure each lesson. We will cover activity ideas and explore how to bring worksheets to life in class. 

To join this training, you must have joined a past workshop with a Jolly Phonics Accredited trainer, or participate in Part 1 of this 2-day training event.  

Part 3: Intro to Jolly Grammar

Sunday, November 17, 2:00pm-5:00pm

¥7500/person + tax

Jolly Grammar is the next stage after Jolly Phonics in the systematic teaching of the Jolly Learning curriculum. This workshop explores the systematic teaching of Jolly Grammar and how it builds on Jolly Phonics and helps to teach spelling, punctuation, and grammar rules. The training will primarily focus on Jolly Grammar 1 and 2, with a brief overview of what comes in the later years of the program. 

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プライベートトレーニング     Private Training 

We also offer private training for schools and individuals. With this training, we teach the fundamentals of teaching Jolly Phonics and/or Jolly Grammar and we make recommendations for what materials are best for their teaching situation and how to use those materials effectively.


Click here to see more about private workshops.

トレーナーについて About Our Trainers 


Our professional Jolly Phonics & Grammar trainers are all experienced English teachers that use Jolly Phonics & Grammar on a daily basis. They have been teaching Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar for over 15 years with great results and are excited to share their experiences with other teachers, parents and students around Japan. All trainers are accredited Professional Trainers with Jolly Learning, UK.

丸山敦子 (Maru)

丸山敦子 (Maru) は10年間に渡る米国在住の後、2007年に東京にてあいずイングリッシュスクールを設立、2歳児〜大人までの幅広い年齢を対象にした英語教育に携わっています。自身のスクールにおいてジョリーフォニックス・グラマー・ミュージックを指導しており、その指導法に精通し成果をだしています。同時に、発達障害・学習障害を持つ子ども達を対象に英語指導もしており、ジョリーフォニックスの有効性を強く感じています。長年にわたる子ども達の指導経験により、それぞれの年齢や特性に応じてジョリーフォニックスの効果的な導入方法をお伝えすることができます。又、ジョリーフォニックス教材の公式ディストリビューターとしてJolly Study Squareを2015年に設立。教材販売を行っていることから全てのジョリー教材に精通し、どのような教材が皆様にとってベストかアドバイスすることができます。

Alex Conley

Alex Conley is from California, USA and has been teaching English and consulting for kindergartens and language schools in Japan since May 2011. He is the co-founder of Jolly Study Square and the Chief Strategic Officer of I's Advanced English School in Tokyo, Japan. He has been using Jolly Phonics and Grammar on a daily basis for the last eight years because the fun and multi-sensory approach is the most efficient and effective way of teaching students to read, write and spell. He hopes to share his experiences and knowledge with students, parents and other teachers throughout Japan.